Elephant Ears Fallax- aka colocasia fallax

Colocasia Fallax or Dwarf Elephant Ear is probably the hardiest elephant ear variety. Boasts a silver splash highlighting the center vein of matt-green, with smaller silver veins radiating from the center to the leaf edge. Leaves are rounded and have a velvety-texture .

The plants are adorned all summer with small yellow spathe and spadix flowers. The 18" tall plants make 2' wide clumps in 3 years, but should spread faster in very wet soils by means of short above ground stolons... quite unique and very beautiful.

Elephant Ear varieties are hardy in zones 7-10 as
perennials, suitable in zones 4-6 as annuals.
Popular as annuals due to their rapid
growth - colocasia makes a dramatic impact to the
landscape within just one season.

Each case contains a color poster and each plant will have a color tag.

  'GallonBusters'™: Case of 25 premium Fallax Elephant Ear Plants

Each case includes 25 premium
Fallax Elephant Ear plants in
3 x 3 x 5 3/4" size pots.

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Excellent for landscapers, garden centers
and home gardens.


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