Elephant Ears Pink China (colocasia esculenta)
Elephant Ears Pink China  

Elephant Ears Colocasia Esculenta Pink China is known to be the most hardiest Elephant Ear variety. With proper mulching, it can even thrive in zone 6!

Pink China has dusty green leaves and gorgeous shocking bright pink stems. The pinkish purple hues extend to the under side of some leaves.

Hardy in zones 7-10 as perennials and suitable in
zones 4-6 as annuals. Popular as annuals due to their
rapid growth - colocasia makes a dramatic impact to
the landscape within just one season.

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Single Plants: Pink China Elephant Ears
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1 plant - $16.95 (16.95 per plant)
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3 plants - $45.00 (15.00 per plant)
5 plants - $74.75 (14.95 per plant)
Over 5 plants - (14.75 per plant)
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