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Elephant Ears

Growing Elephant Ears in pots

Planting Elephant Ears in Pots and Containers

The first aspect you need to know concerning elephant ears is that they are extremely sensitive to the cold. If they get hit with a frost, even a mild frost it is highly probable that you will lose them. So, if you're growing them in zones 1 to zones 6 you need to bring these plants inside when the night time temperatures start to dip into the 50s.
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Overwintering and storing elephant ear bulbs

How to Overwinter Elephant Ears in The Winter

Knowing how to store elephant ears in winter is vital if you want your plants to survive until the next year. These beautiful plants originate from tropical climates therefore they are not cold hardy and do not survive cold winters or frost.

The zone you live in will determine how you can care for your elephant ears during the winter months.
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Elephant Ears: An Ideal Foliage Plant

Elephant Ears: An Ideal Foliage Plant

Elephant Ears can add excitement, elegance, and create stunning center pieces to your garden. These hassle-free tropical plants with spectacular foliage grow up to 6 feet in height depending on what variety you have. Whether you want bold colors, multiple textures, or fascinating shapes, Elephant Ears can provide it.

These plants are gaining popularity at a rapid pace so now is the time to find out what the perfect foliage plant is for your garden.

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Elephant Ear Bulbs

Which Side of an Elephant Ear Bulb Should You Plant Up?

Which side of the elephant ear bulb is the top? This is probably the most popular question asked by beginners when they start gardening. The answer does depend on the variety of bulb but usually the pointed end should be facing upwards. 
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