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Alocasia vs Colocasia

Alocasia vs Colocasia

Alocasia and Colocasia plants both derive from the Araceae family of plants. Both species of elephant ears have large striking leave held up high with their long thick stems. While they are extremely similar visually and growing wise, they have a few ways to distinguish them from each other.

Alocasia vs Colocasia Leaves:

The leaves of these two plants are the obvious difference to them. The stiff long leaf stems, of the Alocasia extend further into the leaves. As a result, most Alocasia leaves usually point upwards giving it a unique style compared to the Colocasia. Colocasia connect down from the notches in the leaves which leads the leaves to droop downwards. This is an easy visual way to tell these plants apart. If the leaves point upwards, the plant is usually an Alocasia and if the leaves point downwards , it’s usually a Colocasia.

Growing Alocasia vs Colocasia Elephant ears:

Contrarily to Colocasia plants, Alocasia plants prefer to be in the shade or partial sun. Extreme exposure to sun, especially in hot areas, can damage these plants. In addition, even if they need frequent watering, Alocasia plants require soil that drains well and doesn’t stay soggy and drowns the roots. Alocasias planted in very moist areas for a long durations of time is prone to root rot and decay. Colocasias in contrary, grow best with full sun areas. It prefers wet soil and unlike Alocasia counterpart it can even be grown in standing water.

Both of these plants are unique and spectacular and create beautiful foliage but it is important to understand the differences when planting these two elephant in either a garden or potted.