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Elephant Ears Questions...

What Month Should You Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs?
Elephant ear bulbs should be planted in spring once all signs of frost are gone. As these
plants are native to tropical climates they will only begin to grow once the soil is warm so,
plant the bulbs after the soil has reached a temperature of 65ºF.

Do Elephant Ears Come Back Every Year?
Almost all varieties are perennial and will come back every summer. They thrive best in the
south as they prefer dry soil in the winter.

How Long Does It Take Elephant Ears to Grow from Bulbs?
It usually takes 3-8 weeks for elephant ears to sprout. It also depends on what your climate
is like, warmer climates cause elephant ears to sprout faster than cooler climates. If you are
in a colder climate then you can begin the process inside and transfer the bulbs outside
when all signs of frost have gone.

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